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‘Final Hold: Eldenwald’ is a multiplayer top down action game. Gather your friends to defeat hordes of otherworldly monsters using magical spells and abilities to discover the source of this invasion and save Eldenwald from its destruction.


On an otherwise uneventful winter night, after doors were locked and windows shut, an eerie mist encroached upon the town of Eldenwald. Ghastly creatures made their way into homes of numerous unaware villagers and slaughtered them all. Amidst hysteria, the people were forced to take countermeasures. Eldenwald was cleared of monsters at the cost of all of their trained defenders. With more horrors approaching, their final hope lay in their outcasts: witches, murderers...


  • 3 Different playable characters
  • 4 Different enemies
  • A number of helpful interactibles 
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • A number of unlockable achievements


Oscar Tulkens : Game Designer / Sound Designer / Developer
Sybren Van Praet: Networking / Gameplay Developer
Robin van Dijk: Character & Environment Artist
Floris Leysen: Lead Gameplay Developer
Laura Schreurs: Character & Environment Artist
Faust Messely: VFX Artist & Animator

'Final hold Eldenwald' was a student project made by 6 people over the course of 10 weeks.


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Final Hold: Eldenwald (Alpha) V_1.0.1 171 MB

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